The Negro Motorist Green Books

The Negro Motorist Green Books were a type of travel guide designed to keep African-American travelers safe on and off the road. The books were first published in 1936 by New York City mailman, Victor H. Green. An updated version of the books was published annually all the way through 1966. Inside the books were hundreds of establishments from all around the country known for being friendly and catering to African-Americans. These establishments were anything from restaurants and hotels or national parks and golf courses. The books also included advice on what towns to stay away from and even what roads not to take. Green even had the idea to list personal residences that were open to travelers for a fee, just like Airbnb. Also included in these Green Books were articles giving comments on society and firsthand narratives of other travelers experiences, like a primitive form a yelp. This project is focused on breaking down the narratives and articles to understand what type of places were being talked about, what tone were these people talking in, and the significance of these narratives and the Green Books themselves in society.